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Media Appearances

WBI Shares Rings the NYSE Opening Bell®!
NYSE Video Montage
August 30, 2016

On The Money Radio
Smart Beta ETF
Gary Stroik, Chief Investment Officer
November 11, 2015

On The Money Radio
ETFs are Great But Make Sure You Know Their Quirks
Gary Stroik, Chief Investment Officer
March 24, 2015

The Money Answers Show with Jordan Goodman
Featuring Gary Stroik
February 16, 2015

SEC Yield reflects the dividends and interest earned during the most recent 30-day period covered by the fund’s filings with the SEC, after the deduction of the fund’s expenses. Unsubsidized yield does not reflect waivers in effect.

Asset TV at ETF.com’s Inside ETFs
Don Schreiber, CEO February 1, 2016

Fox Business News, Countdown to the Closing Bell
Don Schreiber, CEO
September 10, 2014

Matt Schreiber, President
September 10, 2014

Feature Articles

A Smarter Approach for Yield Starved Investors
ETF Trends
March 1, 2017

WBI Rings in Valentine’s Day at NYSE
Business Wire
February 13, 2017

Absolute Shares Rolls Out Passive High Dividend ETF Option
ETF Trends
December 21, 2016

ETF Watch: Absolute Shares Adds High Div Fund
December 21, 2016

Solactive and WBI Investments team up on quality income ETF launch
ETF Strategy
December 20, 2016

Here’s Why the Bull Market May Be Coming to an End
November 17, 2016
Additional Information

This Week’s ETF Launches: Two Heavyweights Go Global
August 2, 2016

WBI Shares Launches New ETF: WBIR
July 27, 2016

WBII is #1 Against Peers
September 22, 2015

WBI Leaps to #5 in Active ETF Market Share
September 10, 2015

An ETF That Provides Shelter From Stormy Markets
September 3, 2015

An ETF That Reduces Volatility and Tops the Broader Market
ETF Trends
July 23, 2015

Active ETF Offers a Better Way to Bonds
ETF Trends
June 17, 2015

A Rising Power in the Active ETF Arena
ETF Trends
June 15, 2015

All 10 WBI Active ETFs Reach $100 Million in Under a Year
June 12, 2015

An Active ETF That’s Topping the S&P 500
ETF Trends
May 22, 2015

ETF Chart of the Day: Active Income
ETF Trends
February 12, 2015

Active ETF Takes Gets Tactical in Hunt for Income
ETF Trends
January 26, 2015

Looking for Income Alternatives? WBII is a Tactical Income ETF that Seeks to Provide Lower Volatility and Correlation
January 23, 2015

Capital Preservation and Income in One ETF
ETF Trends
October 29, 2014

A New ETF’s Active Approach to Generating Income
ETF Trends
October 23, 2014

Best New ETFs of the Third Quarter
ETF Daily News
September 25, 2014

Anatomy of WBI’s Eye-Popping ETF Debut
September 23, 2014

WBI Investments Launches 10 ETFs, Attracts $1 Billion-Plus in Assets
September 16, 2014

New Active ETF Mixes Safety and Risk
September 15, 2014

These Brand-New ETFs Are Already a Big Hit
September 5, 2014

WBI Shares Hits $1B Milestone Their First Day Out
September 2, 2014

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