Tame the Bear. Embrace the Bull.®


Approach seeking to select the 50 highest-yielding dividend paying stocks with the strongest quality fundamentals.

WBIY is a new multi-factor Smart Beta ETF designed to track the Solactive Power Factor™ Index.

WBIY is a passive Smart Beta ETF.

Strengthen Your Core

WBI Shares series of active tactically risk-managed ETFs are designed to enhance the core of your portfolio. The ETFs are actively managed in an effort to provide long-term capital appreciation, while protecting capital during unfavorable market periods.

Time-Tested Process

WBI’s time-tested investment management process is designed to adjust portfolio allocations from being fully invested to maximize return to raising cash in an effort to protect capital as risk increases. We believe that capital preservation in bear markets is far more important to achieving success than chasing higher returns during bull markets.

Less Volatility

WBI attempts to provide consistent, attractive returns with potentially less volatility and risk to capital than traditional passive approaches. WBI Shares aims to provide investors with wealth-building strategies that target an optimal blend of bear market capital preservation and bull market return.