Tame the Bear. Embrace the Bull. ®


In August of 2014, WBI Shares made history in the active ETF industry when it launched 10 active ETFs and raised over $1 billion in assets under management during its first day of trading. After just over a year in the ETF business, WBI became the fifth largest active ETF provider. WBI Shares offers innovative, actively managed ETFs that seek to provide consistent, attractive returns, net of expenses, with potentially less volatility and risk to capital than traditional approaches. WBI Shares’s active ETFs do not seek to replicate the holdings of an index. Instead, their holdings are chosen by a professional investment manager.

WBI Shares partners with WBI®, utilizing WBI’s time-tested investment management process design to adjust portfolio allocations from being fully invested to maximize return to raising cash in an effort to protect capital as risk increases.

WBI Shares ETFs trade on the U.S. Stock Exchanges.